Episode 13: Podcasting About Podcasts, The New Bachelor and the Sweatpants ONLY Happy Hour

In Episode 13, we chat about the change (of a previous change) to the Oscars, the newly named star of the upcoming 23rd season of The Bachelor, our reactions to the Geoffrey Owens story, Younger drama, Burt Reynolds passing away (and the INCREDIBLE roles he turned down in his career) and Anna Kendrick's lie to get out of hanging out with friends on her birthday (could she be any more relatable?)  

For our Marquee Topic, we are podcasting this week about podcasts (how meta). We give a little history on the medium, some fun stats, the effect of podcasts on pop culture since they began as "audio blogs" in 2003 and some of our favorite shows to listen to that you might like as well.

PLUS, in our teasers this week, Josh recommends an excellent biography on one of the greatest athletes of all time and Maureen suggests checking out what your local library might have to offer beyond books.  

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Episode 12: Possible 2018 Oscar Contenders, Revisiting La La Land and Killing Off a Sitcom Character

In Episode 12, we chat about Josh’s recent re-watch of 2016’s La La Land, The Conners’ decision to kill off the Roseanne character, the charming Netflix film To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and the death of Neil Simon, one of America’s greatest playwrights.

For our Marquee Topic, we look at the trailers for seven films being released this fall (including Bradley Cooper’s A Star is Born and the Ryan Gosling led First Man) and discuss which ones could be a part of the awards conversation this year (super sorry for the shade, Lin-Manuel Miranda).

PLUS, in our teasers this week, Maureen throws it back to some great film scores and Josh recommends a (somewhat vulgar but ultimately very funny and well-done) Netflix true crime mockumentary.  

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Episode 11: New Leading Women in Hollywood and Action Star Liam Neeson on a Snowplow

In Episode 11, we chat about the ridiculous premise for a new Liam Neeson movie (snowplows! small Colorado ski town! drug cartels!), Meryl Streep's penthouse NYC apartment (and whether NYC is the dirtiest city in America), a potential Veronica Mars revival at Hulu and Danny Boyle leaving James Bond 25 (and also why a certain someone could help reinvigorate the franchise - or not - but also YES).

For our Marquee Topic, we discuss the new crop of leading women in film (in the second of a two part series on the new wave of movie stars in Hollywood - part 1 on leading men was discussed in Episode 10!).

PLUS, in our teasers this week, Josh suggests a fun board game and Maureen gives her recommendation for a new HBO original documentary on a star we lost too soon.  

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Episode 10: New Leading Men in Hollywood, Kristen Bell's Tears and RESPECT for the Queen of Soul

In Episode 10, we chat about Josh's extreme reaction to a BuzzFeed article, a Nicholas Cage movie marathon, why Kristen Bell was in tears recently, the groundbreaking Crazy Rich Asians (a tongue twister of a title if you were wondering) and the very sad passing of Aretha Franklin.

For our Marquee Topic, we discuss the new crop of leading men in film (in the first of a two part series on the new wave of movie stars in Hollywood - part 2 on leading women is next week!).

PLUS, in our teasers this week, Maureen shares a podcast that comes highly recommended by two of our most loyal listeners and Josh recommends a 25 year-old film starring Harrison Ford (a movie his colleague was VERY disappointed he hadn't seen). 

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Episode 9: The Brady Bunch House, Oscars' New Category and Will They/Won't They Couples

In Episode 9, we chat about the famous Brady Bunch House being sold to HGTV (and the stir the purchase caused), changes to MoviePass, a former Bachelorette's reaction to Becca's final episode and a BIG change coming to The Academy Awards. 

For our Marquee Topic, we talk through some of the best "will they/won't they couples" on TV and which of them went on a bit too long for our tastes. 

PLUS, our Teasers this week can be streamed for free everywhere - Josh shares a YouTube favorite and Maureen highlights a great watch from BuzzFeed. And be sure to stay tuned until the VERY end for a very special language lesson from Maureen (and a skeptical, though ultimately wrong, Josh).

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Episode 8: James Gunn's Twitter Past, A "McMonopoly" Scam for the Ages and a Deep Dive into GLOW

In Episode 8, we talk about country song "Meant to Be" that’s topped Billboard's Hot Country chart for 35 (!) weeks, the James Gunn Twitter PR nightmare (and the official statement from the cast of the Guardians movies) and a McDonald’s Monopoly game scam for the ages. In our Marquee Topic this week, we do a deep dive into the Netflix original show, GLOW (warning: spoilers ahead!). PLUS, in Teasers, Maureen talks about an ongoing written series on Refinery29 and Josh gives a suggestion for a Marvel Netflix show with a bad*** woman at the center.

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Episode 7: The Mission Impossible Franchise, BANNED Wedding Songs and Taylor Swift in "Cats"

In Episode 7, we discuss whether "zing" is a word, the film version of Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical Cats starring (gasp!) Taylor Swift and Jennifer Hudson, banned wedding songs and Chris Janson's song "Drunk Girl." In our Marquee Topic for the week, we take a deep dive into the Mission Impossible franchise (including a discussion of Tom Cruise's legacy AND Maureen's hilarious and half inaccurate recollection of her favorite/least favorite moment from Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol) ahead of the release of Mission Impossible: Fallout. PLUS in Teasers, Maureen talks audio books and Josh recommends a movie you might have missed back in 2016.

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Episode 6: Netflix Originals, Downton Abbey Returns and Queen on the Big Screen

In Episode 6, we give an update on Josh's stool building project (spoiler: it's not going well), talk the return of Downton Abbey, Katy Perry's "situational depression," our reaction to the first full trailer for the Queen/Freddie Mercury film Bohemian Rhapsody and dive into Netflix original content for our "Marquee" topic (including a brief discussion on Netflix's terrible, horrible, no good, very bad original logo).

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Episode 5: Emmy Nominations and the Biebs Off the Market

In Episode 5, we discuss the merits of Josh opening a furniture store, the 2018 Emmy nominations, Justin Bieber's engagement, George Clooney's scary scooter crash (PSA: WEAR A HELMET!), a second standalone Joker film and the Thai soccer team rescue. Plus, stick around until the very end for a special (EXTREMELY goofy) musical treat.

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Episode 4: The Marvel Cinematic Universe and Poor John Stamos

In Episode 4, we talk about Miles Teller joining the cast of the Top Gun sequel, John Stamos' strange performance emceeing A Capitol Fourth, the danger of screen time for parents, the Marvel Cinematic Universe (including our favorite films of the franchise) and more.

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Episode 3: Weird Baby Names and Celebrity Commencement Speeches

We're back for Episode 3 and are talking weird celebrity baby names (after Chip and Joanna Gaines of HGTV's Fixer Upper named their new baby boy "Crew" ), Johnny Depp's recent struggles, Roseanne without Roseanne and a discussion of celebrity commencement speeches (including Maureen and I's favorites from 2018) as this year's graduations finally wrap up. 

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Episode 2: The Jurassic Park Franchise and A Dark Fan Theory for Grease (Yes, The Musical)

Josh and Maureen are back for Episode 2 and discuss a dark fan theory for the musical Grease (was Sandy dead the whole time?!?!), the Jurassic Park franchise (ahead of the June 22 release of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom) and why it's not a great idea to watch Food Network shows when you are sick.

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Episode 1: Legally Blonde 3 and the State of Theater

In the debut episode, Josh and Maureen Goldman talk about Legally Blonde 3, Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande's 24 day (!) relationship, mental health in our culture, the 2018 Tony Awards (and the state of theater today) and give our teasers for things in pop culture you might have missed but should definitely check out.


  1. Vulture article on Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande
  2. Spongebob Squarepants Tony Awards Performance