Episode 46: Is “Saturday Night Live” Still Funny? (Discussing the State of the NBC Sketch Show)

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In Episode 46, we talk about Constance Wu’s very public negative reaction to her ABC show Fresh Off the Boat being renewed for a sixth season and discuss the trend of naming children after characters from TV shows (especially before you know whether that character is ultimately good or bad).

In the Marquee Topic, we look into the state of NBC’s Saturday Night Live, one of the longest running programs on TV. We talk about whether or not the show is still funny, what they could do to improve it, the current standout performers and if the host of the show makes any difference from week to week.

PLUS, in our teasers, Maureen recommends a trailer for the sixth season of one of her favorite shows and Josh recommends a heartbreaking but inspiring article about perseverance.

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