Episode 35: Final Predictions for the Oscars and Talking About All Four Versions of “A Star Is Born” (And the Fifth One We Never Got)

In Episode 35, we have a special Snack Bag where we are talking all things Oscars ahead of the February 24th Academy Awards. We talk about the Academy’s reversal of a previous announcement to cut four categories from the telecast, our personal rankings of the Best Picture nominees and our predictions in the major categories (here’s to being very, very wrong and Bradley Cooper winning Best Actor!).

In the Marquee Topic, we discuss each of the four versions of the film A Star Is Born (one from 1937, one from 1954, one from 1976 and one from 2018) after spending the last two weeks watching them. We give our thoughts on the general story (which is essentially the same in all four versions), tell you which of the versions you should actually watch (hint: it’s only two of them), examine the difficult ending, debate whether or not this will keep getting remade in the future and cast the late 90s version of the film we never got (20 years after the 1976 version and 20 years before the 2018 version).

PLUS, in our teasers, Josh recommends another Academy Award nominated documentary that touches on fatherhood, domestic violence and race in the midwest and Maureen suggests a fun and entertaining podcast from NPR.