Episode 34: Dueling Fyre Festival Documentaries & Thoughts on the 2019 GRAMMYS

In Episode 34, we talk about Kanye West’s (strange) gift to his wife on Valentine’s Day, the Oscars’ decision to cut four categories from the upcoming February 24 telecast, the trailer for a summer movie from director Danny Boyle that has one of the best premises for a film we’ve ever heard and our thoughts on the (long but somewhat interesting and entertaining) 2019 GRAMMYS.

In the Marquee Topic, we do a deep dive into dueling documentaries from Hulu and Netflix that chronicle the disastrous 2017 Fyre Festival. We discuss which of the films we liked more, the festival itself, the social media influencer culture that we live in now and who is ultimately to blame for the calamitous weekend in the Bahamas in April of 2017.

PLUS, in our teasers, Maureen suggests a throwback album and Josh recommends an Academy Award nominated documentary that you should definitely see on the big screen if you can.

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