Episode 13: Podcasting About Podcasts, The New Bachelor and the Sweatpants ONLY Happy Hour

In Episode 13, we chat about the change (of a previous change) to the Oscars, the newly named star of the upcoming 23rd season of The Bachelor, our reactions to the Geoffrey Owens story, Younger drama, Burt Reynolds passing away (and the INCREDIBLE roles he turned down in his career) and Anna Kendrick's lie to get out of hanging out with friends on her birthday (could she be any more relatable?)  

For our Marquee Topic, we are podcasting this week about podcasts (how meta). We give a little history on the medium, some fun stats, the effect of podcasts on pop culture since they began as "audio blogs" in 2003 and some of our favorite shows to listen to that you might like as well.

PLUS, in our teasers this week, Josh recommends an excellent biography on one of the greatest athletes of all time and Maureen suggests checking out what your local library might have to offer beyond books.  

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