Episode 11: New Leading Women in Hollywood and Action Star Liam Neeson on a Snowplow

In Episode 11, we chat about the ridiculous premise for a new Liam Neeson movie (snowplows! small Colorado ski town! drug cartels!), Meryl Streep's penthouse NYC apartment (and whether NYC is the dirtiest city in America), a potential Veronica Mars revival at Hulu and Danny Boyle leaving James Bond 25 (and also why a certain someone could help reinvigorate the franchise - or not - but also YES).

For our Marquee Topic, we discuss the new crop of leading women in film (in the second of a two part series on the new wave of movie stars in Hollywood - part 1 on leading men was discussed in Episode 10!).

PLUS, in our teasers this week, Josh suggests a fun board game and Maureen gives her recommendation for a new HBO original documentary on a star we lost too soon.  

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