Episode 10: New Leading Men in Hollywood, Kristen Bell's Tears and RESPECT for the Queen of Soul

In Episode 10, we chat about Josh's extreme reaction to a BuzzFeed article, a Nicholas Cage movie marathon, why Kristen Bell was in tears recently, the groundbreaking Crazy Rich Asians (a tongue twister of a title if you were wondering) and the very sad passing of Aretha Franklin.

For our Marquee Topic, we discuss the new crop of leading men in film (in the first of a two part series on the new wave of movie stars in Hollywood - part 2 on leading women is next week!).

PLUS, in our teasers this week, Maureen shares a podcast that comes highly recommended by two of our most loyal listeners and Josh recommends a 25 year-old film starring Harrison Ford (a movie his colleague was VERY disappointed he hadn't seen). 

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