Episode 17: Why You Should Be Watching Survivor (Yes, THAT Survivor) in 2018

In Episode 17, we kick things off discussing two stories with a Broadway twist coming soon on TV and the silver screen. Witches and singing and Spielberg, oh my! We also touch on the K-pop phenomenon and discuss how today's boy bands are 1) still a thing (?!) and 2) huge influences because of social media.

Our Marquee Topic may be a throwback to some, but it's solid gold to us. This week, we do a deep dive on Survivor, which premiered in 2000 and is still going strong (with high ratings and a creative hot streak) having kicked off its 37th (!) season two weeks ago. If you're a fan, you'll love this. And if you're not, we’ll give you some compelling reasons why you should be.

PLUS, the real hit of the show this week is Josh's Teaser which is so good we won’t even give any spoilers. Let's just say, it's the perfect example of how pop culture can have a physical effect on your life. And surprise, surprise, Maureen watched a movie and cried... again.

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