Episode 20: The Halloween Franchise, Horror Films and Criminal David Schwimmer(?!)

In Episode 20, we have a special guest for our Marquee Topic - Tiara Guy, a friend, colleague and movie super fan. But first, Maureen and Josh talk about David Schwimmer possibly being a thief (not really but we talk about a story where his doppelganger was caught stealing beer in England as well as Schwimmer’s direct response to the uncanny similarity), the fact that NOW That’s What I Call Music! still exists today in the age of streaming, the Enya song “Orinoco Flow” as it celebrates 30 years since its release and what’s leaving Netflix starting November 1 (dino fans, listen up!).

In our Marquee Topic, Tiara and Josh talk about the Halloween franchise in the wake of the most recent film’s release just last weekend and it’s incredible box office performance. Since Josh and Maureen are scaredy cats and can’t handle horror films, Tiara joined us to fill you in on what you need to know about the new Halloween, Michael Myers (and where he ranks in the pantheon of horror villains) and a brief discussion of scary movies as a whole. WARNING: spoilers ahead!

PLUS, in our Teasers this week, Maureen and Josh each recommend movies you should definitely make an effort to see in theaters if you can. Both are likely to be BIG players this awards season.

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