Episode 37: The Sad News About Luke Perry & Alex Trebek and Why You Should Watch the Critically Panned Movie “National Treasure”

In Episode 37, we discuss the sad death of actor Luke Perry, the devastating news that longtime Jeopardy host and American fixture Alex Trebek has cancer, the trailer for the new film from Mindy Kaling and debate Steven Spielberg’s comments about how films from streaming services shouldn’t be eligible for Oscars.

In the Marquee Topic, we’re kicking off a new mini-series called “Critically Panned,” where we examine one movie that was ravaged by critics but we think you should still check out. In the first installment, we are diving into the 2004 Disney hit National Treasure starring Nicolas Cage, Diane Kruger, Justin Bartha, Jon Voight and Christopher Plummer.

PLUS, in our teasers, Maureen recommends a Netflix original and Josh recommends a brand new TV show that just premiered on ABC.

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  1. Luke Perry passes away

  2. Alex Trebek has cancer

  3. Mindy Kaling’s Late Night trailer

  4. Steven Spielberg’s comments on streaming films at the Oscars

  5. National Treasure on Rotten Tomatoes

  6. Workin’ Moms

  7. Whiskey Cavalier

Episode 36: All About the 2019 Oscars ("Green Book" for Best Picture - REALLY?!)

In Episode 36, we respond to a listener comment on the Fyre Festival episode we did a few weeks back, discuss Katy Perry’s engagement to Legolas himself, Orlando Bloom, and try to make sense of the ongoing Jussie Smollett drama.

In the Marquee Topic, we’re talking all about the 2019 Oscars. We delve into the show itself, deliberate whether having no host was a win or lose (spoiler: Maureen and I don’t see eye to eye), debate the winners (both surprises - Black Panther! Female filmmaking teams! Spider-Man! - and disappointments - Olivia Colman and Green Book for Best Picture) and break down THAT performance from Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper.

PLUS, in our teasers, Maureen recommends something to put your mind at ease and Josh suggests a riveting and well-written crime novel.

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Episode 35: Final Predictions for the Oscars and Talking About All Four Versions of “A Star Is Born” (And the Fifth One We Never Got)

In Episode 35, we have a special Snack Bag where we are talking all things Oscars ahead of the February 24th Academy Awards. We talk about the Academy’s reversal of a previous announcement to cut four categories from the telecast, our personal rankings of the Best Picture nominees and our predictions in the major categories (here’s to being very, very wrong and Bradley Cooper winning Best Actor!).

In the Marquee Topic, we discuss each of the four versions of the film A Star Is Born (one from 1937, one from 1954, one from 1976 and one from 2018) after spending the last two weeks watching them. We give our thoughts on the general story (which is essentially the same in all four versions), tell you which of the versions you should actually watch (hint: it’s only two of them), examine the difficult ending, debate whether or not this will keep getting remade in the future and cast the late 90s version of the film we never got (20 years after the 1976 version and 20 years before the 2018 version).

PLUS, in our teasers, Josh recommends another Academy Award nominated documentary that touches on fatherhood, domestic violence and race in the midwest and Maureen suggests a fun and entertaining podcast from NPR.

Episode 34: Dueling Fyre Festival Documentaries & Thoughts on the 2019 GRAMMYS

In Episode 34, we talk about Kanye West’s (strange) gift to his wife on Valentine’s Day, the Oscars’ decision to cut four categories from the upcoming February 24 telecast, the trailer for a summer movie from director Danny Boyle that has one of the best premises for a film we’ve ever heard and our thoughts on the (long but somewhat interesting and entertaining) 2019 GRAMMYS.

In the Marquee Topic, we do a deep dive into dueling documentaries from Hulu and Netflix that chronicle the disastrous 2017 Fyre Festival. We discuss which of the films we liked more, the festival itself, the social media influencer culture that we live in now and who is ultimately to blame for the calamitous weekend in the Bahamas in April of 2017.

PLUS, in our teasers, Maureen suggests a throwback album and Josh recommends an Academy Award nominated documentary that you should definitely see on the big screen if you can.

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Episode 33: This Year's Best and Worst Super Bowl Commercials & That Dreadful Halftime Show

In Episode 33, we talk about the Academy’s first choice to host the Oscars this year (hint: “can you smell what The Rock is cooking?!”), Jennifer Lawrence’s engagement and the ABC juggernaut Modern Family coming to an end after next year’s 11th season.

In the Marquee Topic, we talk about everyone’s favorite part of the Super Bowl - the commercials. We give our take on what makes a great Super Bowl commercial, our favorites from this year and why the top rated commercial from the entire night (according to USA Today’s Ad Meter) was actually Josh’s least favorite. We also give our thoughts on that (dreadful) halftime show by Maroon 5.

PLUS, in our teasers, Maureen suggests a fun YouTube video from James Corden and Josh recommends a new single from a Tony winning musical theatre star.

Episode 32: Analyzing “Rent: Live” and the 2019 SAG Awards

In Episode 32, we talk about a very sad crime committed against actor Jussie Smollett, Ariana Grande’s tattoo snafu (and the fix she made that actually made it worse!) and get into the ramifications of the winners from last weekend’s SAG Awards (all aboard the Glenn Close hype train!).

In the Marquee Topic, we break down the latest live musical to hit the small screen: Rent. We talk about our personal history with the Tony and Pulitzer Prize winning musical by Jonathan Larson, discuss the good and bad of the Fox production (some good, a lot of bad) and contemplate whether it is totally fair to judge this “live” production after most of what aired was actually the dress rehearsal from the night before.

PLUS, in our teasers, Maureen recommends something out of the box (and outdoors) and Josh recommends a fun (and free!) iPhone game.

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  1. The Wife

  2. Jussie Smollett attacked in a hate crime

  3. Ariana Grande’s tattoo snafu

  4. The 2019 SAG Awards

  5. Rent: Live

  6. Wordscapes

Episode 31: Breaking Down the 2019 Oscar Nominations

In Episode 31, we talk about the (potentially unnecessary) musical version of the film Magic Mike, Amazon’s first foray into stand-up comedy (with comedian Jim Gaffigan) and discuss the ramifications of NO candy conversation hearts in 2019.

In the Marquee Topic, we break down the 2019 Oscar Nominations and wax poetic about pleasant surprises (Sam Elliot! Black Panther!), the most egregious snubs (no Bradley Cooper for Best Director?!?!) and our first impressions on which of the eight nominees will take home the prize for Best Picture.

PLUS, in our teasers, Maureen recommends a book she hasn’t yet read and Josh recommends a new cast recording of recent Off-Broadway revival.

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Episode 30: All About the Film “Green Book”

In Episode 30, we talk about our first real snowfall of the season (and Josh’s hashtag parenting fail), Chris Pratt’s engagement to The Terminator’s daughter and the (super awkward) Critic’s Choice Awards.

In the Marquee Topic, we do a deep dive into the film Green Book (WARNING: spoilers ahead). We talk about whether or not we liked the film and discuss the many controversies surrounding the movie and the people who made it.

PLUS, in our teasers, Maureen recommends the second season of a very funny Netflix show and Josh recommends a recent British show that took England by storm before hitting Netflix.

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Episode 29: Golden Globes Reactions and Bringing Your Ex on Your Honeymoon

In Episode 29, we discuss our terrible Golden Globes predictions that we made last week, our brief thoughts on Mary Poppins Returns, “Baby Shark” hitting the Billboard charts and Gwyneth “Goop” Paltrow bringing her kids AND her ex-husband on her honeymoon with her new husband (uhhhhh what now?!).

In the Marquee Topic, we dive into last week’s 2019 Golden Globe Awards and give our thoughts on the show overall, the hosts, the winners and losers (justice for GAGA!) and our favorite moments.

PLUS, in our teasers, Maureen recommends a new Netflix show and Josh recommends a sitcom that just began its sixth season.

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Episode 28: “The Bachelor” Franchise, a Musical Version of “The Notebook” & Golden Globes Predictions

In Episode 28, we return after our holiday break to talk about a new musical version of The Notebook with music by Ingrid Michaelson (!), things Americans do in movies and whether there is any truth to them and our predictions in the major categories for the Golden Globes.

In the Marquee Topic, we have a heated debate about the ABC reality mainstay, The Bachelor, and discuss why Maureen loves it and Josh does not.

PLUS, in our teasers, we each recommend movies that will likely be big parts of the awards season conversation.

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Episode 27: Favorites from 2018, Will Smith as the Genie and Macaulay Culkin Reprising His Home Alone Role

In Episode 27, Josh is tackling the show solo as Maureen continues to get better from a rough sickness (fevers and coughing and germs oh my!). I talk about the death of Penny Marshall, Macaulay Culkin reprising his Home Alone character in a Google ad, the first images of Will Smith as the Genie in the live action Aladdin (holy topknot, Batman!) and the fact that there is STILL no Oscars host despite the ceremony being just two months away.

In the Marquee Topic, I give my picks for my favorite returning TV show this year, my favorite new TV show (both a comedy and a drama), my favorite music from 2018 and my favorite movie from 2018.

PLUS, I give a very special teaser this week to close out 2018.

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  1. Penny Marshall passes away

  2. Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone Google ad

  3. Will Smith as the Genie

  4. No Oscars host

Episode 26: Ranking Christmas Movies from Worst to Best

In Episode 26, we welcome guests Zac and Sally Crippen, the founders of the Vernacular Podcast Network, for a very special episode where the four of us rank a selection of 11 Christmas movies from worst to best.

Two of the films chosen for our list were automatically added due to their classic nature (It’s A Wonderful Life and White Christmas). Then, to round out the list, each of us chose two films to add. Maureen chose Love Actually and Elf, Zac chose How the Grinch Stole Christmas (the 2000 live action version) and The Holiday, Sally chose You’ve Got Mail and Miracle on 34th Street (the 1994 version) and Josh chose Home Alone and The Santa Clause. Since there were so many others we didn’t pick (hey we all have kids and fulltime jobs), we opened up the list for one wild card. Of the wild card options (Die Hard, A Christmas Story, The Muppet Christmas Carol and Christmas Vacation), A Christmas Story won out in a blind vote amongst the four of us. Animated classics like The Grinch, Rudolph and Frosty were not eligible since they are too hard to compare to feature length films.

Once the films were chosen, we individually ranked each film on a scale of 1-10 in three categories. 1. Overall enjoyment of the film. 2. Overall quality of the film. 3. Christmas spirit. We then averaged everyone’s score to get a total for each film out of 30. The film with the lowest score would be #11 and the film with the highest score would be #1. In the event of a tie (and there WAS a tie), the film with the highest average Christmas spirit score would prevail.

The results might surprise you!

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Episode 25: Golden Globe Hosts & Nominations Announced and Priyanka Chopra’s 75-Foot Wedding Veil

In Episode 25, we talk about the news that Friends would be leaving Netflix (and then the complete 180 just hours later that it would actually remain on the streaming service through 2019!), a debate on fashion standards between male and female musicians sparked by Beyonce and Ed Sheeran, Priyanka Chopra’s 75-foot wedding veil and the “Baby Shark” toy that (we are secretly so happy) is already sold out.

In our Marquee Topic, we chat about Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh being named the hosts for the 76th Annual Golden Globes and give our first impressions on the film and television nominations that were just announced on December 6.

PLUS, in our Teasers this week, Josh recommends new music from one of his favorite bands and Maureen suggests a fun card game.

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Episode 24: A Deep Dive into “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” and Reactions to the New “Lion King” Trailer

In Episode 24, we give our reactions to the first trailer for next summer’s live-action, sure to be blockbuster film, The Lion King, talk about a clothing line from Joanna Gaines (of Fixer Upper fame) and discuss the unofficial beginning of awards season by breaking down some of the winners from the New York Film Critics Circle awards that were handed out on November 29.

In our Marquee Topic, we do a deep dive into the Amazon original series, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel ahead of its second season debuting on December 5, 2018. We talk about the impact of the show, our favorite scenes, our favorite characters, our least favorite aspects of the show and, of course, close things out by picking out little annoyances about the award-winning comedy that bother us ever so slightly.

PLUS, in our Teasers this week, Josh and Maureen both recommend some music to get you in the holiday spirit.

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Episode 23: The One Where We Rewatch All 10 “Friends” Thanksgiving Episodes

In Episode 23, we talk about the death of Marvel genius Stan Lee, the new family photo of the British Royal Family (and imagine what was going on behind the scenes), an SNL sketch from 2017 that made a real-world impact on a multi-billion dollar movie franchise and the new TV network from HGTV stars Chip and Joanna Gaines.

In our Marquee Topic, after rewatching all 10 Thanksgiving episodes of Friends, we discuss our personal favorites, our least favorite, the BEST overall, the MVP of the episodes, what was most fun to see change over the course of 10 years and why Thanksgiving episodes are particularly fun to watch.

PLUS, in our Teasers this week, Josh recommends a recent Saturday Night Live sketch and Maureen recommends a podcast on personal finance.

Last note! No new episode next week - we are taking a week off to spend Thanksgiving with our family. We’ll be back with a brand new episode on November 30!

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Episode 22: Matthew McConaughey in "Titanic" (?!), the 2018 Sexiest Man Alive & the Spice Girls Reunited

In Episode 22, we have a PACKED Snack Bag. In it, we talk about the (totally and extremely unnecessary) Shrek reboot, Ariana Grande’s new single, Matthew McConaughey’s claim that he could have been in Titanic, Idris Elba being named People’s 2018 “Sexiest Man Alive” and the Spice Girls reuniting.

In our teeny Marquee Topic (the “Marqueeny Topic”) we talk about movie musicals and movie dramas with music, why they are such a consistent box office draw and some of our favorites and least favorites in the genre.

PLUS, in our Teasers this week, Josh suggests an informative podcast and Maureen suggests some new music she can’t get enough of.

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Episode 21: A Very "Wicked" Podcast, Fake Justin Bieber and Rami Malek's Awkward Fan Interaction

In Episode 21, we talk about Rami Malek’s extremely awkward fan interaction, the Justin Bieber burrito prank seen around the world and some big casting news for the forthcoming Game of Thrones prequel.

In our Marquee Topic, we discuss the juggernaut musical Wicked, which is celebrating its 15th anniversary on Broadway after debuting on the Great White Way in 2003. We share our experiences with the show and Josh gives his very heated thoughts on why he thinks the show was robbed at the 2004 Tony Awards (talk about holding a grudge!). We also chat about the NBC special A Very Wicked Halloween, hosted by the original leads of the musical (Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth), that aired earlier this week and rank the seven songs sung during the special. Spoiler: the original stars were not as entertaining as we’d hoped they would be and pop superstar Ariana Grande surprised us in a good way.

PLUS, in our Teasers this week, Maureen offers some music to listen to while you work and Josh recommends a very good HBO dark comedy.

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Episode 20: The Halloween Franchise, Horror Films and Criminal David Schwimmer(?!)

In Episode 20, we have a special guest for our Marquee Topic - Tiara Guy, a friend, colleague and movie super fan. But first, Maureen and Josh talk about David Schwimmer possibly being a thief (not really but we talk about a story where his doppelganger was caught stealing beer in England as well as Schwimmer’s direct response to the uncanny similarity), the fact that NOW That’s What I Call Music! still exists today in the age of streaming, the Enya song “Orinoco Flow” as it celebrates 30 years since its release and what’s leaving Netflix starting November 1 (dino fans, listen up!).

In our Marquee Topic, Tiara and Josh talk about the Halloween franchise in the wake of the most recent film’s release just last weekend and it’s incredible box office performance. Since Josh and Maureen are scaredy cats and can’t handle horror films, Tiara joined us to fill you in on what you need to know about the new Halloween, Michael Myers (and where he ranks in the pantheon of horror villains) and a brief discussion of scary movies as a whole. WARNING: spoilers ahead!

PLUS, in our Teasers this week, Maureen and Josh each recommend movies you should definitely make an effort to see in theaters if you can. Both are likely to be BIG players this awards season.

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Episode 19: All About Hocus Pocus - A Deep Dive into the Cult Classic

In Episode 19, we discuss an excellent mash-up of a-ha’s “Take on Me” and Kendrick Lamar’s “Backstreet Freestyle” (with a special clip from the mash-up included IN the podcast), all things British royal family (including Princess Eugenie’s wedding and the Harry/Meghan baby coming next spring) and Piers Morgan’s idiotic commentary on dad’s around the world wearing their babies in front packs.

In our Marquee Topic, we take a deep dive into Hocus Pocus - the cult classic from Disney - as it celebrates its 25th anniversary since its release in 1993. We explore our favorite scenes, the MVP of the film, our favorite minor characters, what has and has not held up well in the past 25 years and much more.

PLUS, in our Teasers this week, Maureen recommends a book she listened to and Josh recommends a short film that could very well be an Oscar contender this year for Best Narrative Short Film.  

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Episode 18: The Cooking Show Boom and Snapchat’s Scripted TV Gamble

In Episode 18, we chat about Snapchat wading into the scripted television game (please, God, DO NOT let their shows be in a vertical aspect ratio) and a conversation about whether there are simply too many awards shows (what even ARE the American Music Awards?!).

In our Marquee Topic, we talk about the recent boom of cooking shows and specifically discuss some of our very favorite Food Network shows.

PLUS, in our Teasers this week, Maureen recommends a podcast she just discovered and Josh recommends what he says might be one of the best TV shows he’s ever watched (yes, even better than Breaking Bad). 

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