Episode 06: Journalism & Latin Fare

In episode 06, we talked with Anne about some of our favorite pieces of journalism from the past year. Here are the six pieces we highlighted:

"Coming to U.S. for Baby, and Womb to Carry It," by Tamar Lewin (the first in The New York Times' "Pregnancy for Pay" series last summer)

"Why I Hope to Die at 75," by Ezekiel Emanuel

"Baby, You Can Drive My Car, and Do My Errands, and Rent My Stuff...," by Joel Stein

"Save the American Vacation," by Jack Dickey (this is one company that offers the "paid paid vacation")

"What ISIS Really Wants," by Graeme Wood

"The Last Day of Her Life," by Robin Marantz Henig

"Dear Leader Dreams of Sushi," by Adam Johnson


In our lifestyle segment, we learned more about Peruvian and Nuevo Latino food. Here is the transcript and audio of NPR's recent story on Peruvian chef Gaston Acurio. If you want to try your hand at making Peruvian food at home, check out Acurio's new cookbook


Anne's piece on online universities, specifically University of the People, will not be published until the fall, but here is one she wrote this spring for The Orange County Register: "Entering the Age of Networks."