S2E3: James Bond, Refugees, & Work

In episode 3, we brought on three different guests to talk about three very different topics.

First, we chatted with Jordan, one of our contributors, about the theme song from Spectre, the new James Bond movie coming out in theaters next month. Singer songwriter Sam Smith wrote and performed the song, called "Writing's On The Wall," and you can listen to it (as well as watch the music video) here

Then we brought on Kristina, who does government relations for In Defense of Christians (IDC), to discuss the refugee crisis and persecution of Christians overseas. In the course of our conversation, we recommended a fascinating Atlantic article from earlier this year, Graeme Wood's "What Isis Really Wants."

Finally, Miriel, another one of our contributors, joined us to discuss two recent articles on work and family: one in The Atlantic by Andrew Moravcsik, "Why I Put My Wife's Career First," and the other in The New York Times by his wife Anne-Marie Slaughter, "A Toxic Work World." Slaughter also answers reader questions here and was featured on the most recent episode of the podcast Freakonomics Radio. Her new book Unfinished Business: Women Men Work Family came out just last week. 

Hope you enjoyed episode 3! Contact us with your contribution to these conversations.