S2E6: Books, Music, Fashion, & Lifestyle (plus more on Mars)

In Episode 6, we briefly discussed the books we are reading. Zac is reading Erik Larson's In The Garden of Beasts and Sally is reading Dorothy Sayer's Busman's Honeymoon. 

Then we had Brandon Showalter, a singer-songwriter, on the show to talk about his creative process and share some of his music. We played an excerpt of his song "Wonderfully Made" off of his 2014 EP "Song of Psalms," which is available on iTunes and Amazon.

We also spoke with Janet Easter, co-founder and style editor of Verily, an online women's fashion and lifestyle magazine. If you are new to Verily, here are several articles she recommends to get you started:

On relationships

 "Can Men & Women Just Be Friends?" (also on that topic: "Gentlemen Speak: Can (and Should) Guys and Girls Be 'Just Friends'?")

On style

"Runway to Realway: Precious Metals"

"Gorgeous Holiday Party Wear for Every Style"

"Classic Winter Coats That Work for Every Occasion"

While the "O, Alma Mater" article on motherhood and higher education that Janet mentioned is no longer accessible online, here are two other articles on motherhood (with many more to choose from in the Verily archives!):

"Becoming a Mom Didn't End My Self-Discovery"

"Motherhood Didn't Ruin My Life, It Made It Better"

In our inbox section, a listener recommended this article from The New Yorker for those interested in learning more about the prospect of colonizing Mars. 

Thanks for listening! We hope you enjoyed Episode 6. Check back in two weeks for our Thanksgiving episode and a special announcement!